Winter 2024

Winter 2024 Speakers

Photo of Amy van Bijsterveldt
Amy van Bijsterveldt

IT Consultant @ Info Support

Photo of Anu Singh
Anu Singh

Microsoft - FTA Engineer

Photo of Barbara Forbes
Barbara Forbes

Azure technical lead @ OGD | Azure MVP | GitHub Star

Photo of Daniël Mertens
Daniël Mertens

Info Support - Software Engineer

Photo of Dennis Doomen
Dennis Doomen

Hands-on architect in the .NET space with 26 years of experience on an everlasting quest for knowledge to build the right software the right way at the right time

Photo of Glenn Versweyveld
Glenn Versweyveld

'SH10151' this is the serial number of our orbital gun

Photo of Ivo Geurtsen
Ivo Geurtsen

IT Consultant @ Info Support

Photo of Jarne Van Aerde
Jarne Van Aerde

Info Support, IT Consultant

Photo of Jody Treffers
Jody Treffers

IT Consultant and Chapter Lead Data & AI @ Info Support

Photo of Maarten Mulders
Maarten Mulders

IT Architect @ Info Support // Java Champion

Photo of Marco Kuiper
Marco Kuiper

Chief Projects & Software Quality

Photo of Maurice de Beijer
Maurice de Beijer

Tell me, and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand

Photo of Michaël Hompus
Michaël Hompus

Software Architect @ Info Support | Microsoft MVP

Photo of Niels Tanis
Niels Tanis

Sr. Principal Security Researcher at Veracode | Microsoft MVP

Photo of Peter Wessels
Peter Wessels

Passionate Java developer

Photo of Sander ten Brinke
Sander ten Brinke

Lead Software Engineer @ Arcady | Microsoft MVP (Developer Technologies)

Photo of Sander van de Velde
Sander van de Velde

Ask me about Azure IoT, Ask me how to add value

Photo of Stephan van Rooij
Stephan van Rooij

Software architect at Smartersoft

Photo of Wilko van de Velde
Wilko van de Velde

Data & Analytics Consultant at Alten Nederland

Photo of Willem Meints
Willem Meints

Technoloy Advocate/Microsoft AI MVP